• Glass preforms for hermetic sealing, designs and tooling available for over 14,000 shapes and sizes. (download above)
  • Solder glass preforms for attaching glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal and glass-to-ceramics of similar expansion. (download above)
  • Clear pressed glass preforms. (download above)
  • High temperature stand-off preforms.
  • Spray dried and granulated glass powder with binder and color, ready to press.
  • Ground glass powders.
  • Glass Cullets.
  • Extruded glass tubing. (download above)
  • Pressing tool fabrication.
  • Hot pressed and polished lenses, sight glasses, windows, and shapes to meet customer specifications. (download above)
  • Certified EN-1 glass in Cullet, Powder, Spray Dried and Billet. (download above)
  • Certified IN-3 glass in Flake, Powder and Spray Dried. (download above)
  • 2164 Compression sealing glass in Cullet, Powder and Granulation (download above)

Special Applications:

  • Precision long length preforms with uniform density for high pressure, underwater and refrigeration seals. (click above)
  • Duplex sealing glass/ceramic cap preforms. (click above)
  • Oxi-Glass – eliminates pre-oxidation of Kovar for matched seals. (click above)
  • Glass preforms for Sulfur Lithium Battery seals.
  • Auto industry sensor mount glass platforms designed for mounting circuitry chips.

We offer free service for:

  • Engineering assistance in developing new products.
  • Engineering assistance in improving established products and procedures.
  • Engineering assistance in redesigning present seal assemblies to reduce cost.
  • Low cost engineering test samples.