Quality Program Statement

Electro-Glass Products was established in 1973 as a family owned, quality minded glass preform manufacturer. It’s founder and leader was a man who worked and dreamed outside of standard manufacturing practices for this type of industry. Such thinking allowed EGP to develop new and different products for customers that no one to this day has duplicated. The processes and procedures used are generally non-conventional and are never shared with any person outside the EGP family. Tours of our facilities are never given. Military and Government clearance is not considered a pass. The satisfaction and praise of our customers, stands as a testimony to our abilities and the trust they have in us. EGP does offer the Quality Control Manuals.

We require a product print from our customers, with all sizes, specifications and requirements shown. We will provide pricing and quality product based on that print. We are a people who serve an industry we love with the upmost pride, and realize that we will not be successful unless we help our customers to be successful. We work in complete confidentially, and follow all the laws pertaining to export, safety and environmental issues. We treat all those we employ with respect and opportunity regardless of gender, religion or county of origin.

We work daily by the motto we established in 1973.