Powders, Flakes, Spray Dry

For Pressing, Tubing, and Preforms

Electro-Glass offers a wide range of products including low temperature sealing glass and borosilicate glass developed to seal to 96% alumina ceramic, tantalum, and 42% nickel iron alloy.

Glass is available in powder (ground and screened), cullet, billet, flake (ready to grind), spray dried or blended to customer specification.

Our glass powders offer exceptional quality for use by manufacturers service the optical and communications industries, consumer electronics, the automotive industry, life sciences, military, and more.

Spray Dried Powders

Spray drying is used to produce dry powders from liquid slurry through a rapid drying process. Often, the liquid is sprayed with hot gas to further accelerate the drying stage, making it highly time-efficient. Spray dried glass powders are used by many industries for the development of high-end technologies and electronics.

Spray drying allows excellent selectivity for particle sizes that can be controlled by varying conditions, such as the temperature, pressure, and nozzle dimensions.

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