Solder Glass Preforms

Engineered for Aerospace, Automotive, Defense,
Telecommunications, Electronics...

Electro-Glass Products is a premier solder glass preform supplier to support various industries.

Our solder glasses are available in two forms (Vitreous and Devitrifying).

Vitreous solder glasses are thermoplastic materials which melt and flow at the same temperature each time they are thermally processed.

Devitrifying solder glasses are thermosetting materials which crystallized through surface nucleation in a time-temperature relationship. Due to the crystalline nature of this material, it develops a crystallized structure that is much stronger and harder than the original glass.

Our unique low temperature binder system permits consistency during pressing and allows a completely clean buriout expelling all gases leaving behind a final preform of high purity solder glass. Our solder glass preforms offer an easy assembly without messy pastes and fumes, accurate repeatability, and the cost savings of a one step process.

Electro-Glass preforms come in a variety of shapes including cylindrical, ring, oblong, multi­ hole, frames, and other complex geometries. Application specific designs can also be engineered upon request.

Common applications for solder glass preforms include:

  • Night vision applications
  • Laser optic seal assemblies
  • AC plasma displays

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