Quality Assurance

Electro-Glass Products continues to strive to provide our customers the highest standard of quality in a continuous improvement environment. Our commitment to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System ensures our customers receive the highest quality products.

Electro-Glass Products is committed to be recognized as a reliable, innovative, quality supplier to meet or exceed our customers’ demands. This ensures that the optimum materials and processes are used in the manufacturing of your product knowing that quality is most vital to our customers.

Quality Policy

Electro-Glass Products shall have an organized and productive atmosphere where management and employees plan and execute programs which focus on customer requirements, superior quality, and on-time delivery.

In doing so, the company will meet or exceed customer satisfaction by continually striving for improvement and innovation based on efficient business practices. Electro­ Glass Products aims to achieve this by implementing the ISO 9001:2015 management and quality system that complies with the international standard of good practice.

All personnel within the company are responsible for the quality of their work. Employee’s jobs affect quality, thus the success of the business. Electro-Glass Products provides training and has established systems to assist all personnel to achieve the standards required.

Electro-Glass Products is committed to the company motto: “Quality from people who care,” which shall never be compromised by accepting anything less than what is required by our customer.

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